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Marketing Assistant Agreement (Great Vancouver )

As a commissioned Marketing Assistant (AGENT) of (VANDICA  BUSINESS INC), we will observe the following agreements:

  1. Skill needed:
  • Communicate fluently over the phone in English
  • Have basic computer literacy
  1. To promote our website, VANDICA need commissioned Marketing Agents who are responsible for helping their clients’ (the website’s Listing Owners ) to post listings on the website
  2. Every Listing Owner has only one Marketing Agent who is not the owner himself.
  3. $3 commission to the agent for each confirmed listing with the following requirements:
  • The listing’s owner should agree to post it on our website
  • All information on the listing is required: owner’s email address, listing’s description, images, prices, location. Link to the listings or website is acceptable.
  • All listings are new, within Great Vancouver area and at our indicated subsites.
  • No more than 10 listings on each subsite, i.e.
  1. Summary of the website and its service ( see details at ):
  • Totally free (website fees) by the end of August,2020
  • Multiple rentals
  • Multiple languages
  • Free listing and promotion forever
  • Free or premium Payment Service after the end of August, 2020
  • Advanced booking system
  • Built-in Google Maps integration.
  • Internal messaging system
  • Safely direct payments
  • Advanced Search Option
  1. The agreement is effective until the end of August, 2020. Good promoters could work with us for a long term with another contract




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