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All the parties to the rental : 

  • The Owner : own listings on the website
  • The Guest: pay to use listings on the website
  • The Admin: the website administrator

Workflow of  Rentals:

  1. The Admin setups and manages the website for rentals.
  2. The  Owner registers and publishes listings on the website for free.
  3. The Guest explores listings on the website.
  4. The Guest finds a listing, then registers and contacts the owner by Message System on the website, email or other ways.
  5. If the Guest wants to start the rental,  2 options are available:
    A. Rental without Booking: The Guest can choose face to face rental  with the Owner locally without using booking and payment service from the website.
    B. Rental with Booking: The Guest will pay Booking Fee to the web Admin only. Then the Guest will pay the balance to the Owner directly until starting the rental, or pay the balance to the web Admin who will transfer it to the Owner before starting the rental.  Please check Users Policy for details of rental fees.