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All the parties: 

  • The Owner or Vendor : own listings on the website
  • The Guest: book listings on the website
  • The Admin: the website administrator

Workflow :

  1. The Admin setups and manages the website.
  2. The  Owner or Vendor registers and publishes listings on the website for free.
  3. The Guest explores listings on the website, and contacts the vendor(Owner) by phone, email, internal Message System or other ways before booking.
  4. Booking:
    4.1 For free events, services or rentals, it is totally free service ($0). The following is for paid transaction:
    4.2 If booking service, events or education(tickets) :  book it directly without Regiser and login.
    4.3 If booking rentals,  the guest usually need  to Regiser and Login, then go to next steps to book as below:
    A. Without Booking: The Guest can choose face to face transaction  with the Owner(Vendor) locally without booking and payment service in the website. It is totally free service on the website, and the webiste will not be responsible for the transaction.
    B. With Booking: Guests need to pay Booking Deposit ( 10%–100% of  Total fee) to the website Admin only. For partial payment booking, the owner need to prepare a Contract or Agreement for signature (Here download a simple Rental Agreement as reference), then the Guest will pay the balance to the Owner(Vendor) directly when starting the transaction, or pay the balance to the website Admin  before starting the transaction.  Please check User Policy & Fees for details.
    C. After transaction, both of the Vendor(owner) and the guest should sign and keep your Rental Agreement(contract), then write your review on website or inform the website Admin so that the transanction fees can be processed ASAP. If no review or infomation provided, we will process it as successful transaction 5 business days later.