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Hourly Booking : set unavailable time

  • Need 3 steps below : 1)Create an event on Google Calendar, 2)import Google iCal into your listing’ calendar, 3) edit or delete these time.

1) On your  Google Calendar, create an event

  1. Go to and sign into your Google account.  There, you’ll see your calendar.
  2. To add an event, click on the date and time that your event will occur. Clicking once will bring you to a pop-up box where you can quickly add in details. Clicking twice will bring you to a more detailed form where you can add additional information.
  1. You can add the event title, then edit the time and other information by clicking on “More options.”
  1. Hit “Save” in the upper right.
  2. Copy the link (. ics) of the event with time as below

2) Import the above link into your listing’ Calendar

Go to My Listings -> Edit Listing -> Calendar -> Scroll to Ical feed -> add ical feed name, ical feed URL – > click Add New feed -> Click  Save

3) how to edit or delete these booked time.

  1.  For imported time from Google Calendar,  you can delete it at your listing’s calendar as following, then reset time on Google Calendar and import it again.

2. If the booked time is marked on the website yourself ( for daily booking  only) ,  Go to My Bookings -> Click on Cancel My Booking, then cancel your own bookings.