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Signup or Login steps:

  1. Select your language
  2. Select Login or Signup:
    • For new users, Signup is required on Home site ( main site) only , 
    • For registered users, Login is required on all websites ( Home site and Subsites)

3. Signup (registered users skip this):

  • A: On home site, click Signup to register on the right-top conner of homepage
  • B: fill in Username
  • C: fill in Email address
  • D: check and agree with Terms
  • E: go through security check
  • F: click to create an account. Your password  will be sent to your email address
  • G: The username and password will be effective to all the websites, including Homesite and Sub_sites

4. Login(registered users only):

  • A: To process bookings, all websites are required to login with your username and password, which you registered on 
  • B: fill in Username
  • C: copy/paste or fill in password
  • D: click to login

5. Change your Password:

  • A: On homesite only, go to My Dashboard –> My profile on the right-top conner of webpage
  • B: change your password to remember easily