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Receiving a booking steps:

When you receive a message on New Booking Request from your email or the website internal Inbox, you can:

  1. Select your language, and  Select Login or Signup. (see instruction_login)

2. Click the icon to user dashboard

3. Check and reply messages from guests

4. Check Booking from guests

5. In Booking, find the booking request and click to open the invoice.

6. (A) Check the invoice and adjust some expenses as negotiation with the guest.

or (B) Add a new prices if no price selected by the guest.

7. Send the invoice to the guest.

When receiving message on payment confirmed, you can:

8. Go to user dashboard

9. Go to Booking

Check the invoice payment status:

10. If the invoice shows “Confirmed/Not fully paid”, this means only Booking Fee is paid.

11. View the invoice in details.

12. If the invoice shows “Confirmed & Fully paid”, this means Rent  is paid totally.